Monday, January 21, 2013

Things to Remember: Car Ride Chats

Last night we went to Kuhl Yogurt with my sister and her family and on the way home Blake and I started talking and were actually able to without interruption. It's funny how the second Anna hears us talking she interrupts with a "mommy" or "daddy" and then "uh, uh, uh, like riding in the car?" All the "uh's" until she thinks of something to say. Juuuuust to maek sure we are still focusing only on her. :) But, last night she got quiet and then I heard her whispering in the back seat. She was staring out the window and I put my finger up to Blake to signal hold on and I tilted my head towards the backseat. Anna was happily talking to herself saying, "Jesus made the diapers....I" and there were some other things she said Jesus made and other things she said she loves thrown in there but between her whispering and the road noise I couldn't hear all of it. But, it was so precious to "be inside her head" when she thought no one was listening. Now, it's important to remember that during these alone times for Anna you can't let her know that you hear her or she gets upset and clams up. You can't turn around and say, "Anna, you like pizza??" because she'll say "No!" and won't talk anymore. :)

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