Sunday, January 27, 2013

Things to remember: Jesus's name, Amen.

Tonight my parents came to dinner and Anna was so into giving them a show. Normally she is pretty shy. Anna loves to repeat things. She loves to sing the same song over and over, loves to do the same "peek-a-boo-tickle-you" game, etc... So we play along  then say, "last time" so she knows it's the last time we will play or sing whatever it is. Tonight we prayed before supper and in the middle Anna asked to pray again. Of course we say yes so she says, "jesus's name. Amen." (the ending of our prayer is always, "in Jesus's name, amen") so Anna prayed about three times we said, ok. That's enough." Of course her response was, "last time, okay?!" :) we did let her pray one last time. She also sang trust in the lord about five times...the girl loves to repeat.

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