Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A&M - sonogram pics

I'll have to post the sono pics seperately later for you but tonight we compared Macy's 24 week sonogram picture and Anna's 25th week sonogram picture and there's a chance Macy isn't going to turn the daddy-daughter twins into the daddy-daughters triplets!

Until I had them side by side all I saw was Anna and Blake. I was smiling all day and happy as can be because hey, Anna is beautiful and Blake is handsome. :) But, upon further inspection there are clear differences in A&Ms noses and eyes. Anna has the Kallemyn wider-set eyes. I noticed it first thing when we had her sono and mentioned it to Blake even. But, side by side Macy's aren't as wide set. When we got new glasses last year the person fitting me even mentioned I have really close set eyes and it limited my glasses selection. So, maybe Macy has my close set eyes? And their nose slope is different. Anna's goes up mote and Macy's doesn't. And, the lips. Blake has full lips. I noticed that on Anna's sono that she had really full looking lips and she sure enough have her daddy's mouth and full lips. Macy's it was hard to tell but they didn't look as full as Annas.

Reaching? Maybe a little. Ok, maybe a lot. :) I know it's a long shot given Blakes super dominate genes, and given we are looking at grainy sonogram pictures but a girl can dream that she'll have children who somewhat resemble her, right?! Maybe Macy will be Anna's twin but with Brown hair instead of "lellow" :) and, blue eyes instead of hazely green like her daddy's.

Only 16 weeks before we meet Miss Macy and I can't wait to squeeze and love and kiss on her no matter who she looks like!! :)

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