Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things to remember: thankfulness

A few days ago I pulled out Anna's fiesta head band that has paper flowers and curly ribbon hanging down the back and I hung it on her "dress up" mirror. In the corner of her room she has a bin filled with tutus and plastic heels and girlie things to play dress up. This morning I was folding laundry while sitting in the rocking chair in her room while she played.

The brightly colored paper flower headband caught her eye and she ran over and asked, "can I have it?" I told her, "sure! That's yours to play dress up with! Grab it off the mirror." So, she dissed ran over and said, "momma!!! You made it for me?! Tank you (thank you) it's beautiful!" All while she hugged my leg. I couldn't bring myself to tell her I didn't make it. Lol. But, really just hearing her thankful heart made me smile from ear to ear. She proudly wore it the rest of the morning.

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