Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Memories

9 years ago today, a little over a month of dating Blake, i got my first bouquet of a dozen red roses ever. i had just recently moved back home while in between jobs and apartment searching and my dad saw them and started grilling me, "Oh wow. this is serious. Is this serious? who is this guy? He's making me look bad sending a dozen roses" ;) I played it off. "oh, blake's just a sweet guy..." but i knew i really, really, really liked him. I knew deep down, even then, after a short month, he was the one God made for me. i'm so thankful for him and love him even more today than ever before.

I've always said that I was going to marry a man who sent me flowers. I know that's silly but it was one of the things I knew was important. I knew my daddy sent my mom flowers and I knew they loved each other. I knew that if you care for someone you show it in various ways, one being flowers. :) It meant that that person cared enough about you to think of you, stop their day and order flowers for you. So, it wasn't high on my "list" of things a guy had to do before marrying me but it was there.

Blake showed me much more than those dozen roses. The way he asked about my feelings, cared about what I wanted to do, wanted to spend time with me, continuing to randomly send me flowers throughout our relationship, telling me I was beautiful, laughing with me, geniunely loving me all the days we spent together; even my bad days.

I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day because it's a made up holiday and every woman in american who has a significant other is being told they are loved and getting flowers and jewelry. The men practically have to. I like random acts where it's from the heart. I mean i'm not going to turn down diamonds or flowers ever but i'm thankful for blake and love blake everyday. he really is the one God made for me and I can't ever thank God enough for him.

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