Friday, March 8, 2013

Things to Remember: da cows can't get me?

Out of nowhere the funniest things come up at bedtime...I think Anna's stalling!!
Anna: "wait! The cows can't get me?"
Momma: "oh, No. They can't get you!"
Anna: "Day (They) are out at da ranch??"
Momma: "Yes, they are far away and won't get you." (please don't remember at this moment that the neigbors have cows)
Anna: "Day can't open my door?"
Daddy: "Oh, No! That's impossible. Cows can't even come inside the house." 
Anna: "Oh. Ok. Sweet dreams. See you when we wake up."
And, just like that, as quickly as her fear of the cows getting her started, her fears were gone.

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