Monday, April 1, 2013

TTR: centers and potty all day

Last week I was taking Anna to get her picture taken in the bluebonnets at the boerne community center. Anna has centers in her class, science, house center, kitchen center, art center, etc... Well she asked where we were going so I told her to the community center. She got so excited and said, "oh, I love centers!!!!" Lol. She thought this was some new "center" like at school

This weekend we stopped giving Anna candy each time she went to the bathroom so we can told her when she goes all day at school and home that she would get a prize. So, she sat and sat and sat and sat for a good 20 minutes on the potty on Sunday. Finally Blake said, ok, we can try later and she got upset and said, "i will go potty allllll day so I can get a prize!" She took us very literally. :( so we had to explain that when she has no accidents and tells us that she has to potty. So, hopefully, this will garner better potty results. Lol

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