Saturday, May 18, 2013

Macy 37 weeks and 2 days

How Far Along: 37 weeks and 2 days

Fruit: "Like a stalk of swiss chard." - (What is swiss chard?)

Size: "baby probably weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel." -

Baby changes: She's considered full term and her lungs are likely mature enought to fully adjust to life outside the womb.

Best Moment this week: Well, we got our delivery date moved up to Tuesday, May 21st! I went in for my weekly check-up last Tuesday and my protein levels increased more and my blood pressure was right on the line. So, the OB sent me to OB Triage and they monitored me and then sent me home. She didn't want to wait a week to see me so she told me to come back Friday and if everything was the same or had increased then we would deliver. #stressed I was sad because of everything we went through with Anna being a preemie and the NICU. My doctor was confident though this would be different because by Friday I'd be full-term and I was sick so much earlier with Anna at 34 weeks, not 36 weeks.


Well, Friday came and we had everything packed and ready just in case like she said but when we went to see the doctor my levels had dropped to trace and my blood pressure was perfect. How awesome is that? It's amazing. God is amazing.

So, she checked when my next apointment was and it is Tuesday, May 21st and she asked, "Do you just want to do it then? You'll be 2 days away from being 38 weeks, you still are showing signs of preclampsia and we can just have it scheduled so you konw and won't have to come in and not know for sure. So, I said yes! Let's do it Tuesday. :) So, 3 more days and we'll be good to go!

Gender: Girl! Macy Jane!

Movement: She is slowing down. More like rolling around instead of tiny kicks and punches.

Food Craving: Potatoes

What I miss: Sleeping. Guess I need to get over missing that, huh?

Sleep: What's that?

What I am looking forward to:Meeting macy in 3 days. What's she going to look like??? I can't wait to kiss her cheeks!

Symptoms: sore back, waddling (is that a symptom?), frequent urination

Total weight gain/ Loss {ya right}: 12 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes!
Have you started to show yet? yes

Labor signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Mood? I have my days :)

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