Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Imperfect progress

http://bible.us/r/8y.5 I just finished day 5 of No More Unglued Mama Mornings Bible reading plan at YouVersion.com.

I needed this in this moment. I have been trying all alone and not letting God guide my actions with Anna and potty training. I know. Potty training. But it is easy to get frustrated when you know your child can do it but she just doesn't want to. For months we've worked with Anna. Without fail she goes every morning before we brush her teeth. It is her routine so she happily does it. After that she may or may not go. Depending on if she is busy or not. But last Thursday I had had enough and decided we are not under any circumstances going to stop and "try again next week." She knows how todbo it. Knows when she needs to but for whatever reason, she may not even know why, she doesnt want to. Being wet or dirty doesn't bother her. But lately, the last two days she has seemed to be having accidents intentionally. The Dr told us that this is her controlling nature (wonder where she gets that from?) And this is something she has full control over. I'll ask her if she needs to potty and she says no and I'll be feeding Macy so I can't get up to take her. I'll tell her when I'm done we will go potty. Then when I'm done she says, I already peepeed in my pants. And she says it with a smile on her face. But, my reaction is out of frustration and quite honestly anger. She is such a smart girl. She knows better. But, I have to start fresh each day, each hour. Each minute. No more unglued momma moments.

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