Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who's mother are you?

I found this blog post to be really powerful. I always skip through the genealogy in the verses I read but this shows that when you stop and see that the women who bore children who then bore children who are all in Jesus's family line it is pretty eye opening. The women were prostitutes, widows, harlets, and some by society seen as not worthy. But, they ended up being mother's to wondeful, wise, children and some who ended up as kings.

I know I'm not perfect and I see more and more of myself in Anna everyday. A lot of which I don't like at all. What am I teaching her when I'm not sitting on the floor showing her abc's and 123's but when I'm working on something and I huff and puff and say"grrrr!" When I'm frustrated.  She does that sound when she gets frustrsted now. It's embarrassing to admit but it's true. And I tell her  not to do it. Why would she not? She hears me do it. What am I teaching her when I gossip with a friend in front of her. What am I teaching her with my words to Blake? I know often times I'm not teaching her to be a virtuous women.

This was a good blog post I needed today. I so easily get frustrated and give up but this is my job. God gave me these babies and it's my job to bring them up by His standards.

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