Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to the Grindstone

The girls started back to daycare today and I go back to work tomorrow. I sent them today to get back to our normal and honestly, so I could cry here and not at work like I did when I went back after Anna! I actually haven't shed a tear yet. Probably knowing I'm going to get them earlier and I'm not really back yet. But, then again I have been crying on and off since Friday thinking about it.

I'm grateful for a job and my time off with my precious girls but I'm still bummed. It isn't easier the second time around. I think it's harder!

Top it off with the girls being extra sweet this morning and Macy giving me that precious grin when I left! I told her to stop it but she didn't listen. And then Anna asking why she can't stay home with Mommy added another knot in my stomach.  :( #startthewaterworksagain

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