Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year in Review

Anna Kathryn's 2013 Year in Review...

Favorite food: "Pineapples"
Favorite color: "Pink and Purple"
Favorite activity: "Painting"
Favorite book: "Jesus. And, the School Bus book."
Favorite movie: "Frozen"
Favorite memory from the year: "Seeing Frozen."
I asked her...so, you got a new baby sister, you had an Ariel 3rd birthday, we went to other friend's birthdays, Christmas.....seeing Frozen was your favorite thing? She said, "yup."
Best friend: "Brinley"
Brinley is her cousin, the youngest of my older sister's four girls
What do you want to be when you grow up: "A nurse"
She just recently watch fire truck Barney and there's a nurse on there.
Favorite candy: Sprinkles
Really, she loves all candy. Her favorites that she always asks for are gum, marshmallows, orange slices (the gummy candy with sugar), m&m's...)
Favorite tv show: fire truck Barney"
Again, we just watched that recently. Her favorites this year that have been on repeat, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, Adventures of Mater, Rockefeller Christmas Spectacular....
Favorite toy: "It's at school. It's the baby doll center"
Friends at school: Julia, Hailey, Finley, Ira, Mrs. Lisa, Damian, Lucy, Kbob (Caleb), and McKenzie. And, friends not at school Elizabeth and Trinity.

Macy Jane's 2013 Year in Review...

Favorite food: She loves it all. She started eating solids like soft veggies and fruit. She likes bananas but not the baby food form.
Favorite color: Too early to tell
Favorite activity: She loves to be moving no matter what she's doing or where she is. She hates sitting still.
Favorite book: Anything Anna is reading
Favorite movie: Anything Anna is watching
Favorite memory: Too early to ask her. But, mine has been watching her grow and learn new things. Babies grow so quickly. She's rolled over, sat up on her own, started to rock on all fours, gotten two teeth...I know I'm missing so much.
Best friend: Anna
Favorite candy: She hasn't had candy yet...I think someone snuck her ice cream. One of her grandfathers.
Favorite tv show: Anything Anna is watching
Favorite toy: Any teething toy

Holly's 2013 Year in Review...

Favorite food: Thanksgiving foods. Turkey, my mom's dressing, my mom's sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, my mom's Pie Cherry Salad
Favorite color: I love pink but in clothing I love black and brown
Favorite activity: sleeping in my comfortable bed
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite movie: We haven't seen a lot of movies this year but we saw Mud with Matthew McCohndhfdjadadfd (I can never spell that man's name) and that was good. I'm more of a documentary on Netflix watcher.
Favorite memory from this year: Hands down, the moment that Anna walked into the hospital room after I had Macy and she saw her for the first time. She walked in with a very serious, "Where's my sister I need to see her now." look and she melted when she saw her. Goodness, it makes me tear up. I hope I never forget that moment. She came in to recovery to see me and of course they took Macy to the nursery while I was there but she came in wih the same determined look but I had to explain that Macy was out of my belly but in the nursery and we would see her very soon. It was important for me not to have her see her baby sister until I was there to witness it. I'm glad I was so concerned with making that happen. The moment was priceless.
Best friend: Blake
Favorite candy: chocolate
Favorite tv show: I don't watch a lot of tv and this year we got rid of cable but I love Big Brother and this year I watched all of the episodes of Revenge
Favorite toy: I'd say my phone...it has games and apps and I can text people quickly

Blake's 2013 Year in Review...

Favorite food: a rib-eye steak that I cooked. Prime rib is pretty good. Venison I cooked was pretty good but a rib-eye is my favorite.
Favorite color: I always tell Anna it's blue but it's not really. Maybe it is but it's not blue, blue. Navy with a little bit of teal to it.
Favorite activity: watching Anna just be a kid
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite movie: Looper
Favorite memory: Macy being born and joining the family
Best friend: You (me, Holly)
Favorite candy: Sweedish Fish
Favorite tv show: Psych
Favorite toy: .308
And, he added, "The love of my life isn't on there? That'd be you." Awww...so special.

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