Saturday, October 18, 2014

Doeskin Drive

Today Blake and I were returning his truck to my parents house for them to use. Blake was in his truck and I was in my car and following him down the final road to my their house, Doeskin Drive. I started thinking how blessed I am with a husband who loves and cares for me and our children so well. It was one of those overwhelming moments of gratitude and love.

When Blake got in our car to head home with us we were driving down the same road, Doeskin Drive, and he told me, "On the way here I was just thinking how much I love you and how thankful I am for you." I told him, "Me too!" and he said, "It was about right here!" As he gestured to the area of the road we were riding down. It was the same spot I was in when I was thinking about him and I said, "Me too! That's when I was thinking it!"

Isn't God so amazing? Of course He is but it was such a blessing to find out that the both of us were  thinking of our love for one another on the same stretch of road, me in my car and Blake in his. I feel like it was a hug between us and God and our marriage. It was a neat moment I hope to always remember.

TTR: Praise The Lord

Moments with Macy:

I taught Macy to raise her hands and "Praise the Lord!" when we sing Bible songs. The other day I lost one of Anna's shoes and when I finally found it I said, "Praise the Lord!!!" and what do you know Macy's hands flew up and she started dancing around. :)

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