Saturday, November 29, 2014

Boerne Stocking Stroll - Dickens on Main

I hate to admit it but living in Boerne for over two decades means that I take for granted our charming little town and adorable shops on Main Street. But, at least once I year I visit almost every shop and that's around Christmas time when the Boerne Merchant's come together to host Dickens on Main. If you haven't experienced Dickens on Main in Boerne I highly suggest packing up the family and heading to the Hill Country of Texas for a family fun Christmas experience.

Here is a picture of my oldest daughter sitting on Santa's
 lap that I found on Dickens' flickr account! Oh, the memories!!
 Dickens kicks off the Christmas season in Boerne with the shops staying open late, holding sales, Boerne Market Days which brings in more vendors that set up around the town square and throughout main street, live music at different spots down Main and food vendors selling kettle corn, gorditas, beer and wine and even hot chocolate shakes!! Santa makes a stop too to visit the little kids and hear all of their wishes and the town is festively decorated for the holidays. The Stocking Stroll is one event that coincides with Dickens and is like Christmas trick-or-treating in super cute stores and shopping all rolled in to one!
To participate in the Stocking Stroll you have to buy a big red bag! They are $20 and went on sale around the 1st of November and are available from local merchants until there aren't any left! There's only a limited amount so you have to hurry and grab one once they go on sale. The bag has a piece of paper stapled to it that lists all of the participating stores and when you visit the store and get your gift they stamp or hole punch their store name to know you've been there.

Big Red Bag! $20 sold from November 1st until they are sold out.
Which is fast!
Overall, I'd definitely participate again! The only suggestion I have is to include a small little map with dots where the stores are up and down Main Street. Between my mom and I we knew where each store was but I think for visitors that'd be a good thing to include.

As far as the gifts go I wasn't expecting anything super expensive or fancy but a few of the goodies happily surprised me! Hunting and Gathering's gift was a gorgeous glass blown ornament. I liked Calamity Jane's and Daisy Pearl Boutiques gifts that worked together with cookie cutters and sugar cookie and sugar cookie icing recipes tied to them. My girls love cookie cutters! Merle Norman gave a lot of great beauty samples and who doesn't love free beauty samples?! Read on to see all the goodies we got! (Forgive me for the bad pictures!) A lot of the gifts are cute and perfect for stocking stuffers! Stocking Stroll...stocking stuffers! I get it. Ha!
My mom and I got a late start heading out around 2:30 pm. The Stocking Stroll starts at 11 am and goes through 5:00 pm so today we really did only go to the stores that were participating so we missed looking and shopping in quite a few of the stores that weren't participating. Maybe next year we will a) get an earlier start and b) more stores will participate. Oh, and c) cooler weather will be in the forecast! It wasn't miserable and was a beautiful day but it's Christmas. I need cold! Or, a chill in the air. But, that's south Texas for ya'!  
The stores that participated this year were: 259 Home Market, Alley on Main, Calamity Jane's, Celeste, Cutie Patootie, The Christmas Shoppe, Daisy Pearl Boutique, The Flower Shop, Hunting & Gathering, La Te Da, Lillian's, Merle Norman, Red Bird Retro, Soda Pop's/Sugar Shack, Son of a Brave, and The Red Rooster.
The following gifts aren't pictured because my mom took them for my daughter's and my niece Brinley's stockings! :) La Te Da gave out bubble bath in little containers that looked like Christmas lights. Celeste gave out ADORABLE felted pens in the shape of animals like pigs, monkeys, bears, roosters, giraffe, antelope and some others. We picked a monkey and a bear. They are just adorable!! And, Cutie Patootie gave out Christmas scented votive candles. That is already in one of my red votive holders on the mantle. :)

From Red Bird Retro: jingle bell cup filled with candy
(That I can neither confirm nor deny may have already been eaten),
a candy cane notepad and a candy can pen)
 In the background you  can see part of the beautiful ornament from
Hunting and Gathering (One of my favorite Main Street stores. Gorgeous!)
Also, in the far background you can see part of the Christmas card from Son of a Brave.

From The Flower Shop we got an artificial rose tied with a  red ribbon.
From Lillian's we got some cute nail polish and a coupon to use on something
in the store. They have some cute clothes and accessories!  
From Soda Pop's/Sugar Shack we got a cute Jelly Belly lollipop
(Anna will find this in her stocking!) and also a $3 off coupon on a purchase.
We used the coupon immediately once we found out they carry Dublin sodas.
I'm still so sad that Dr. Pepper bottling Co. won't let Dublin Bottling Co. make Dublin
Dr. Pepper but the Black Cherry Dublin Soda tastes pretty close.
From Calamity Jane's and Daisy Pearl Boutique we got cookie cutters
and each had a recipe for sugar cookies and sugar cookie frosting attached.

From Merle Norman we got a lot of samples and a coupon to
use later. There was a foundation sponge, lip gloss, lip
gloss applicator, eye shadow applicator, stretchy bead ring,
foaming facial cleanser, wrinkle smoother, and wrinkle smoother
lift and firm samples. I love samples of those types of beauty things!
From The Christmas Shoppe we got a cute wooden ornament.
From The Red Rooster we got a cute snowman notepad!

From Son of Brave you can see the Christmas Card we got with
a beautiful winter (that we don't get to experience in South Texas)
From Alley on Main I got a set of super cute, big pearl earrings!
My mom got another par of earrings that were really pretty
gold and cz sparklies.
From Hunting and Gathering we got a beautiful glass ornament.

From 259 Home Market (Another Main Street Favorite)
we got a little linen bag filled with super
cute Christmas charms. A snowman, a Peace round charm,
a believe gift tag charm, a dove and olive branch,
a little crystal, and a stocking. Cute, cute!
My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby afterwards for some
things and she got a necklace to put hers on. I haven't
decided what I'm going to do with mine yet.


Unknown said...

Great description of Dickens On Main Holly! I had such a good time and this was the first year I was able to get Stocking Stroll bags since they only sell 200 and they go FAST! I do love our little town and I think we have some of the best shops ANYWHERE - including Fredericksburg. The Merchants really go all out and there was something for everyone to enjoy, from the little ones to the guys who usually sit outside on benches while waiting for the ladies to shop! Definitely want to do this again every year from now on. It was especially enjoyable because I got to spend it with you and we don't get to do that very often!

Unknown said...

Love you, Mom! i enjoyed the time too! Looks like the start of an annual tradition!

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