Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas & Some {Brave} Exciting News!!

I simply can't believe that in 2 days it will be December and the craziness of  Christmas parties, shopping and wrapping, baking and cooking and trying to find some rest time begins. And, in keeping with tradition I got my trees up today! Not decorated yet but they are up. And, yes, I said trees. I have two regular trees, a Charlie brown tree  because doesn't everyone have one of those from their Mother-In-Law?! We love the cute tree and it sits in our "drop-off zone" where we dump our shoes, bags and jackets. It adds some humor to the chaos. Plus, it is already decorated with the one red ornament! There's a felt tree hanging on an empty space of wall in the living room that I sewed for my girls last year and Anna has a mini tree with pink ornaments in her room. My husband said I'm getting out of control but I think he can sometimes just be a scrooge. Ha!

Our "Advent Tree" for our
Truth in the Tinsel ornaments
Here's the reason for the many's all very simple, really. My mom wanted a really tall tree and I had one that didn't fit in the awkward living room in the house we were living in at the time so she had that tree for a couple of years. When we moved I bought a smaller one and then she got a new one so I got my old one back so that's why we have two regular trees. AND, I LOVE IT! Now all that is left is decorations. We also have a lot planned this month: tickets to see The Nutcracker, a drive through the Living Nativity in town and we plan on making a quick weekend trip at some point to visit family. Plus, I have some exciting lessons planned out for my kiddos at school and at church!
We, like everyone this time of year, will be extra busy, busy, busy but my prayer is to take it as slow as possible and always remember that Jesus is the reason for this wonderful season! I want to share that truth with my kids each Christmas season so here at home Anna and I are going to be doing the Truth in the Tinsel Advent Experience. I actually plan to use the smaller, 6 foot skinny tree for the ornaments Anna and I make from Truth in the Tinsel. I hung a felt advent board for the daily countdown up beside that one. I'm really excited to do this together.

I have about 90% of my supplies bought for that because I figure if I organize it all through the month of November and have it all ready, I'll be more likely to do it! I also got the quick ornament coloring sheets for those days that making the actual adornment isn't possible. This is our first year and I hope to find some time to blog about our experience. We will see about that...

I also have some more exciting news and while it isn't my first time being published, this is my first time being published on another blog besides my own!! A post of mine will be on MOPS International's blog, Hello Darling! Check back on December 3rd when it goes live on their blog!

I think I'm so extra excited because I started attending MOPS this year in Boerne and the theme is "Be You Bravely." I have to admit that I'm not very brave when it comes to "getting out there" and "going for it!" I love to write and be creative and things but putting myself out there is scary! You could be rejected!! Oh my! But, when my Facebook news feed (back when I had a Facebook) showed that MOPS had a call for December blog submissions I thought, "What the heck?! It's nap time and I have a few minutes; I'll check it out." I typed up the piece, emailed it and about a month later I got an email back telling me that my post was chosen! How cool is that? I think it's pretty neat.

Now, this ain't no fancy, award winning piece. Ha! I am fully aware of that fact. It's just quirky and fun and silly! But, I stepped out, being brave, and that little shot of bravery paid off! Not really, they don't pay out, Ha! But, they have over 140,000 subscribers and 70,000 Facebook fans and they will post it on Pinterest, Facebook and of course their blog along with a snippet about me and a link back to this little ole Thankfully Blessed blog! I am thankful for nudges from God and bravery! :)

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