Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pomp and Circumstance

Yay! It's official!!! I am a graduate! It only took me 13.5 years but I have my Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development from The University of the Incarnate Word to show for all those on and off years of hard work!! I have been going on and off since graduating high school but while I was working for a company that paid for its employees education I knew I had to finish. A free degree? Yes! Oh, I have a mountain of debt from the on and off years but the last two or so years are debt free. That is a good feeling!

I am cracking up at Dot the Dog in the photo
Today was UIW's graduation ceremony and part of me wanted to go and part of me didn't. I was excited but now having a family of my own, not really being college age and making fun memories with my college friends (I did that for 2 years right after high school) I decided  to ask my mom to make her pot roast and potatoes and hold a ceremony at her house while my family was in town. It was perfect! My girls got to play and hang out with their cousins while everyone got everything ready and we could all relax. It was everything I wanted! And, I got my name published with all the other 800+ graduates from UIW in the San Antonio Express News!

My amazing, supportive husband Blake and our girls
Here's some pictures of the day and my mom, sister, brother, their kids and spouses did an amazing job setting up my graduation and having my girls make me a precious poster. When I walked up on the deck they were all holding signs and smiling. When I "walked the deck" they had horns and confetti poppers and it was all fun! My brother-in-law, Dr. Chris Morrow, is a principal and has performed many a ceremony so he performed mine! You can check out my funny graduation here

My nieces and nephews
Me and my little family

My brother Joshua, his wife Laura and my parents

My mom and I

Me and my sister

My mom and dad and I

My brother Josh and sister Laura

Me and my Macy Jane

Our family!!

My Anna wearing the mortarboard that was on my cake!

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