{Meet The Kallemyns}

Our story begins in January 2004 when Blake and I started dating. We lived and loved and made many wonderful memories while dating. On our 3 year anniversary, January 19th 2007, Blake popped the question and we were married on November 10, 2007. Two and a half more years flew by while more living, loving and memories were made. On January 11th 2010 (January seems to be a big news month for us!) we were surprised to find out a new little one would be joining us! We weren't thinking about starting a family at that point, but it's been the best suprise of both of our lives! On August 19th 2010, 4 weeks before her due date, little Miss Anna Kathryn joined our family! She will most definitely add more life, love and memories to our love story.

Holly {Me - The Wife}
{hkallemyn at gmail dot com} 
I'm a whole lotta country and little bit soft rock, smooth jazz. Quirky, eccentric, sarcastic, loyal, enjoy walks on the beach... Really though, in addition to those things I enjoy arts and crafts, sewing, creating digital invites and stationary, photography, "junking" (finding old things and making them "new") and I love getting up and going on road-trips. About every three months I get an anxious feeling and just need a change of scenery and love to go somewhere. A short day road trip or a weekend get-away are always helpful.  I love my husband and our children, they bring so much joy to my heart. It's amazing how another person can help you become a better person and my husband helps me do that. I am working on my short-comings and faults so I can be a good example to Anna and Macy and a better wife to Blake.  I am a K/1st teacher at a private school in town, a Children's Ministry Director at our church, and in my spare time I do graphics/admin/assistance duties for a couple of professionals who don't have the time or interest with those types of things. I love all of my jobs, they use my talents and I'm thankful but my favorite "jobs" are wife and mother!

Blake {The Husband}
Blake enjoys watching football and playing golf. He is attending UTSA pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He's an engineering tech at a firm here in town. He is on the quiet side until he gets to know you. I get to see wonderful parts of his personality that he only shares with me. He is so wise and fair to all he knows. He makes me feel so special and loved. He has a wonderful sense of humor and I'm so glad he opened his heart and life to me. God blessed me big time when he put Blake in my life. Watching him as a father lights up my heart and makes me smile. His love for Anna and Macy always amazes me. It seems like the second Anna came into our lives something clicked inside of him and he became more confident and opened up so much as a person. He is a great man, has a love for the Lord, and I love him.

Anna {Daughter 1}
Such a blessing little Anna is. The second we found out we were pregnant we were beyond excited and immediatly loved her. However, once she was born and there she actually was in the flesh it was like our hearts burst. She is such a good baby. While in the NICU for four weeks everyday they would move her around with the babies that required more attention because she was so content and could be left alone. At first we were like, "HELLO! She needs attention and shouldn't be shoved in a corner." But, she really didn't mind her alone time and we were up there with her as much as we could be. She loves to laugh and smiles at everyone. In the mornings she doesn't wake up crying, she wakes up and lays in her crib and talks to herself. She is one precious little girl and we are blessed she's in our life!

That up there was posted about 3 years ago so here's an update on Miss Anna. :) She's still a sweet girl, she is almost 4 and acts about 13. She loves to talk, sing, and dance. She says some of the funniest things and loves to test and push the limits at every chance! It's never dull with Anna around! We pray she will come to know God and have a relationship with him. He has already used her so much in brnging Blake to the Lord. He has big things planned for her.

Macy {Daughter 2}
Macy is now 1 and is such a little fire cracker. She's a lot like her sister, bossy, easily frustrated. Lol. I know we are going to have our hands full with this one. She is so sweet though, just like Anna. Macy loves to smile and laugh, she lights up when she sees her daddy. She is a momma's girl and I love it. Macy is very curious, wants to get into everything, and she is now a climber. We are going to have to keep a closer eye on her than we did with Anna. We never had to baby proof the house with Anna (bad parents) because she never really cared about getting into this or that. Macy is interested in opening and checking out everything.

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